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Treat yourself and let us take care of your cleaning! We will make your home fresh and clean, while giving you more time to yourself. It’s like magic!

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Imagine coming home to your family after a tough week of work. Would you rather spend the weekend enjoying friends and family or taking care of your home? Let Städarna take care of your home while you´re at work so you can get the most out of your time!

Städarna is one of the fastest growing cleaning service companies in Sweden. With a serious focus on quality and good relations with the unions strive for our vision is to have the most satisfied customers and employees in our branch. Let us help you with you’re home!

Check out our monthly rates below. Find out more information about RUT-avdrag HERE.

Our most costefficient cleaning
plan, f
or those needing help
with the most crucial cleaning
tasks, such as kitchen,
and floors. Mini may sound small, but this plan
contains the most essential for a clean home.

Our standard plan,
the most common one,
is made for
those in need of a
proper, recurring cleaning.

Most customers choose every
or every other week.

For those who wants the very
but don’t want to spend
too much
time thinking of it.

In the Plus plan we will clean
your windows
and be going
the extra mile with lots of other
deep cleaning chores. 

Why Choose Städarna?

– Focus on quality!
– Same cleaner each cleaning occasion.
– Collective Agreement
– Good working conditions for our employees.
– Warranty – on all our services.
– All Personel are without previous conviction.
– Third party liability insurance

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Your personal cleaning team

In order for you to feel safe, we also always strive to ensure that every time the same employee cleans your home. Then the cleaning becomes as efficient as possible.

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Hours count on cancellation

Of course, you have the opportunity to book a cleaning opportunity. If you do so no later than seven days in advance, you will receive the canceled hours. You can use these later for an extra cleaning opportunity or for a selection of our other services such as window cleaning, big cleaning.

What does it cost?

As a customer of the Städarna, you pay a fixed monthly fee. It is based on the number of hours we have agreed that we should clean at every opportunity. Contact our customer service to get the correct price information for cleaning your home as soon as possible. Of course, RUT deductions apply to our home-cleaning services.

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You book a free home visit with us by phone or e-mail. Then we meet and go through your needs together.