Städarna Labs – Innovation competition

Städarna Labs is our very own innovation competition where we are looking for the next big idea that can improve the cleaning industry!

Maybe it’s a product that would make life easier for you and your colleagues in your work or something that sees environmental benefits. Now you have the chance to make your idea a reality in the Städarnas own invention competition where you can win 5000 SEK! The finalists in the competition will be invited to our own gala Städarna Awards on April 25 at Arbis in Norrköping where the winner will be revealed and there will be an award ceremony. 🏆⭐️

So put on your lab coat and goggles and jump into the lab and create magic! 💡


Who is allowed to participate?

The Städarna Labs competition is open to all innovators out there! All the fantastic cleaning heroes who are employed at Städarna are  extra welcome to join the competition. The invention may come from an individual or a group of colleagues. For employees at Städarna, all work with developing their idea, model or prototype are to be done outside of working hours.

What are we looking for?

The invention shall have an ergonomic and/or environmental focus. The invention should lead to the people using it sparing their body in some way and/or lead to a reduction in Städarna’s impact on the environment.

Who picks the winner?

The winning innovation is chosen by a jury of people with knowledge in the field.

What happens to the winning innovation?

The main purpose of the competition is to find an innovation that will make everyday life easier for our amazing cleaning heroes. A possible development and implementation of the idea to be able to be used by as many of our cleaning heroes as possible will be funded by Städarna.

If there’s such an important innovation that the jury thinks it should be available for use by the whole cleaning industry the inventor has the opportunity to take it to the market themselves as we are happy to promote entrepreneurship. Taking the product onto the big market is then financed by the inventor themselves.

Prisbelönt städfirma

When – Deadline & award ceremony

The final date for submission of your invention is March 15, 2020 and it is submitted via the form below.

The award ceremony will take place on April 25, 2020 during the gala Städarna Awards at Arbis in Norrköping, where the selected finalists in the competition will be invited!

Submit your idea

Share your idea! 🌟

It’s totally okay to think outside the box (read space). 🚀😁

In the form describe:
What your invention is, how it works and what benefit it does!

Attach files
You can attach pictures and documents to the form. If that doesn’t work, you can email them to Deadline is March 15, good luck!

    Many thanks [text-585]!

    Fun that you want to join and help make it easier for all heroes!

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