Lets get your Cleaning Services started!

Imagine coming home to your family after a tough week of work. Would you rather spend the weekend enjoying friends and family or taking care of your home? Let Städarna take care of your home while you´re at work so you can get the most out of your time!

Städarna is one of the fastest growing cleaning service companies in Sweden. With a serious focus on quality and good relations with the unions strive for our vision is to have the most satisfied customers and employees in our branch. Let us help you with you´re home! 

Check out our monthly rates below. Find out more information about RUT-avdrag HERE.

Monthly rates (After rut):

2h cleaning per week – 2095:-
3h cleaning per week – 2895:-
4h cleaning per week – 3695:-
5h cleaning per week - 4295:-
6h cleaning per week - 5095:-

2h cleaning every second week – 1145:-
3h cleaning every second week – 1545:-
4h cleaning every second week – 1995:-
5h cleaning every second week - 2295:-
6h cleaning every second week - 2695:-

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Why Choose Städarna?

- Focus on quality! 

- Same cleaner each cleaning occasion.

- Collective Agreement – Good working conditions for our employees.

- Warranty – on all our services.

- All Personel are without previous conviction.

- Third party liability insurance for 10 million SEK.